Here’s a big shout out to all of you who joined me at one of my recent book signings. Your humble scribe has been quite busy, meeting fans and discussing “LOCKDOWN’ at the Decatur Book Festival, the USS Miller Reunion in Patchogue, NY, and the Atlanta Bread signing last weekend in Morrow. I especially want to thank the USS Miller crew for coming to the Patchogue event and experiencing the discussion about the true events. In the month of September, I spoke to hundreds of readers and people who were hearing about the book for the first time. I hope all of you take the time to enjoy the book. Please, if you have a few minutes, give it a review on Amazon.

I am more or less only a curator

Speaking of the book and feedback; one thing I’ve come to appreciate about having a book published is a sense of stewardship. After years of creating, the story feels different in the hands of readers. I no longer claim it as solely mine; I am more or less only a curator.

Of the many questions asked of me, the one that sticks out mostly is “who are these characters”? I’ve spent a lot of time discussing the creative process; as is typical when you kick around topics, I learned much more about my characters in these discussions. Now, I find myself digging deep into my subconscious and discovering that I have put much more of me into these characters than I had originally thought. I said during the Miller crew reunion, that ‘the characters are me and I am them’. That comment was, at that moment, a revelation. I stand by it though because I have contracted a disease – a writing bug which has opened an enjoyably rich sense of self awareness and discovery.

The next book is underway

Currently I’m working on a non-fiction book about business improvement practices—I expect to have the manuscript complete next year. But, thereafter, I will wholeheartedly stride back into fiction mode and see where else I can take my overactive imagination.

Peace and all things good to you.


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