Top Ten Best Things About HK Disney


Okay, after many years traveling to and through Hong Kong, I figured this past weekend would be a good time to stay away from downtown (I hear there's a little disturbance going on - HongKongTurmoil) - so I'm gonna check out this place called Disneyland. I've been a Disney fan my whole life and visiting the parks is a special part of my families essence. We are (without doubt) a Disney family.

Hong Kong Disney was great fun and in the spirit of travel-logging my adventures; here's my HK Disney Top Ten:

Number 10

Honk Kong Disneyland looks and feels just like most other Disney parks – mostly like Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Number 9

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is very comfortable – the art deco décor is nicely done.

Number 8

“It’s a Small World” sung in Chinese – THANK GOODNESS! No songs stuck in my head, I had no idea what they were sayin… (not).

Number 7

My favorite character is the Grand Marshall of Main Street parade.

Number 6

Buzz Lightyear has his own chorus line… “Twins, Basil. Twins.”

Number 5

Toy Story Land!

Number 4

Me and Tink had a thing going. (For Tori and Raelene – these random Asian people kept showing up in my photos… what the heck?)

Number 3

Mystic Manor. I love the Haunted Mansion in both Disney World FL. and Disneyland CA. – however this version takes the ride to another level – much better updated effects and a different spin on what a haunted house is. It was great.

Number 2

Space Mountain. Think Rock n Roller Coaster on ‘roids’ – asteroids. This is what an indoor roller coaster should be. This updated version caught me by surprise as I casually boarded the ride, I didn’t expect what I got – a real rocket ride through the cosmos and it kept getter faster and faster – a true blast, this was for me the best part of Disneyland Hong Kong.

Number 1

It does not matter where you are or what language you’re speaking – Mickey is still Mickey, and that’s cool.

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