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Posted by Scott on October 7, 2011

64 … An Interesting Number

All this talk about payroll and how the highest paid team does not win it all… the Yankees have the highest payroll, blah-bitty, blah, blah… I’m sick of that talk.


This is My Team People!  »


I don’t think of how much somebody gets paid to do their job when the pitches are being thrown. I could care less… I’m watching for the love of the game, the church of baseball, the game I played, the game I love… shut up about how they get paid!!! (more…)

Posted by Scott on July 11, 2011

3000 Hits


As Derek Jeter goes for 3000 this week – I’m heartened with the fact that it will happen at the ballpark in the Bronx – it should. Something this momentous should not occur anywhere else. As lifelong Yankee fans, we’ve been blessed with one memorable moment after the next. This one is special is many ways. Not the least of which is because the man (number 2) will notch out his corner of Cooperstown as a great Yankee, and undeniably as one of baseball’s best. (more…)