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2016 IAN Book of the Year Awards Mystery Finalist


I'm excited about my debut novel, Lockdown, a military thriller set aboard a fast-frigate. The story is pulled from my experiences in the Navy while stationed aboard the USS Miller. I've received some great feedback from readers. To see a preview, go to Amazon by clicking the link below and use the Look Inside feature. The book is available in print and electronic formats and you can purchase a copy at the fine retailers listed below.

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sailor silu

Tyler West is only a few weeks from transfer when there is a crisis aboard the USS Miller. A shipmate is violently struck down, and the attacker slips into hiding among the crew. The ship is put into lockdown - all crew are confined to quarters. Tyler is given the task of finding evidence, and he begins to uncover far more than what he bargained for. Meanwhile, the ship’s captain, Commander Henry Jorgenson, struggles to keep his crew safe while trying to live up to the legacy of a WWII hero for whom the ship was named.
Inspired by actual events.

2016 IAN Book of the Year Awards Mystery Finalist

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